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Profumo di Fieno
Eau de Parfum 50 ml

Compared to other perfumes on this site, this one is composed by my self. I made it during the summer 2016 in Florence and this scent is green and herbal like fresh, flowery hay. Hay was also a theme in the international contest for perfume creators in Florence that year, which I participated in.

The inspiration was the herbaceous grass on Tuscany hills, and the nutritional hay of Ladinia in the Italian alps.
It was very special to make this fragrance, as it also included perpetual childhood memories. Like when we sat on a wagon of hay that my grandmother and grandfather took in for the winter. My life has also been lined with horses. It's such a fine moment when the horses get their hay for the night and you hear them eat so peaceful and calm in that lovely scent of hay. 

At the beginning of 2017, a jury of 12 persons left the messege in Florence that I had won the international perfume competition. I feel amazingly honored because perfume is my great passion, especially with traditions from Florence and Tuscany. I will never forget that day!

You can buy EdP Profumo di Fieno (Scent of Hay) 50 ml, from us. The fragrance is unisex and it's multifaceted, light and transient - just as a perfume should be, according to me.

Right now, the perfume is being manufactured by ancient Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.
Send an email to if you are interested in this perfume or want more info?

Kerstin Strömberg
Prodotti di Toscana

Photo: Edoardo Abruzzese - Firenze, juli 2017