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Staying in Tuscany's natural and agricultural landscape provides many wonderful fragrance experiences. The vegetation is rich in flowers and berrys, fields of grapes and other fruits are as abundant as the gnarled olive trees. To meet spring in Tuscany is fantastic and nothing smells as sweet as the first roses mixed with peony, violet and Florence's own flower - you do know which one that is?

To feel the scent of a sunflower field on a warm summer day is very special. Sunripe fruits that smell and taste so much more than those grown at our Nordic latitudes. To feel blossoming jasmine and aromas of cypress and cedar intermingle in the summer evening's cool breeze is to partake in a timeless fragrance sensation, enjoyed for thousands of years in the ancient hills of Tuscany. The list goes on. These scents have been a part of the benchmark in search of our catalog.

During several years of traveling in Tuscany, we have discovered some exclusive, often family-owned small businesses with their own handcrafted perfume for home and body, scented candles and luxury soaps. The products are manufactured by hand and with great care. Raw materials are often local, and ancient recipes are followed, in accordance with centuries-old traditions in the Tuscan fragrances and cosmetics. Finally, the packaging of the products is stylish and elegant, typical of this country. 

It is with great pleasure that we can offer everyday luxury from Toscana in Italy!