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”Fragrance and perfume are things that tell a story, appeals to our senses, sets the tone and can be part of your identity. Scents can also bring us back to another point in time in just a few seconds. Fragrance and perfume are more exciting than you might think!" - Kerstin Strömberg, founder of Prodotti di Toscana.

Welcome to Prodotti di Toscana's web shop - which offers exclusive perfumes and fragrances in various forms! Here you can botanize among fragrances for Room & Interior, Eau de Parfum, and more, where the fragrance notes have characteristics linked to gardens, landscapes and cultivation. Production takes place in Tuscany, where there is a deep tradition and culture of artisanal perfume production. Few people know that Florence was a metropolis even in the art of perfume during the Renaissance.
Today, Prodotti di Toscana represents several producers who have created perfume for generations, some with brands that are several hundred years old. It is with great pleasure that we offer carefully selected perfumes from the beautiful Tuscany!