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”Fragrance and perfume are things that tell a story, appeals to our senses, sets the tone and can be part of your identity. Scents can also bring us back to another point in time in just a few seconds. Fragrance and perfume are more exciting than you might think!" That's what Kerstin Strömberg, founder of Prodotti di Toscana, says, and who sometimes makes her own perfume. The knowledge of the culture of perfumes is taken from Florence and Tuscany, and what started with import and export has now developed into even more areas.

Here on this page you will find Prodotti di Toscana's range of fragrances from some of the contemporary masters of perfume art. Choose from brands from traditional and exclusive perfumeries with small-scale production in Florence and the surrounding area.

Today, a range of courses from Prodotti di Toscana is also offered, for those who want to learn more about perfume. From now it is also possible to travel to Florence for a guided tour and in-depth knowledge of Florence's perfume tradition. Read more under Fragrance and perfume knowlege. 

A third part of the company is about fragrance and perfume that is not commercial, and which is part of an artistic content: Art in Experience. There the fragrance will be part of a context and connextion, and that each fragrance composition is created specifically for each art project. Keep an eye out for upcoming exhibitions where the fragrance concept is a part of co-creative processes. 

Welcome to botanize in a world where fragrances speak their own language!